Reagan's First Easter

She is quite possibly the cutest little Easter bunny I ever saw. Do you agree?

She wasn't so sure about the whole Easter thing at first, considering she boycotted sleeping the night before, but once she realized what was going on, I think she had a change of heart.

My mom bought this dress for her a few months ago, and it has been sitting in her closet for this very occasion. To go along with her cute dress, she wore some super cute shoes from this etsy shop.

And a couple of family photo attempts to finish it off:


Washington, D.C. | Day 7 (and Bonus 8)

Friday was supposed to be our last day in D.C. I knew I wanted to go see the blossoms again, so we headed over there and had another picnic lunch.

I really tried to relish these last few moments with these amazing blossoms.

We tried really hard to get a good family picture, preferably with Reagan smiling, but she refused. Here is the closest we got.

We were on a pretty tight time schedule, so right after lunch we headed back to the hotel, to catch the shuttle to the airport. When we got to our gate, after checking in and security, we found out that our flight was overbooked. We had always wanted to volunteer to get bumped, and get that free travel voucher, so I went and told the gate agent that we had a flexible travel schedule. She was thrilled. At first, we were hoping that we would still be able to get a flight home later that day, but she told us we wouldn't be able fly out until the next day, and that Delta would pay for a hotel that night. Oh and we would have to fly to JFK (first class!), and have a bit of a layover there and then we would be headed home. Our layover was 7 hours! Essentially we got an extra day of vacation, and in New York City!

Jordan had never been to NYC before, so I started to think about what I wanted to show him. He said mostly he wanted to see Times Square, and go to a Yankees game. Well, one of those was doable.

^^I snapped this picture as we were flying out of D.C. I love it. I'm glad I was on the right side of the plane to get this shot!^^

We definitely hit the ground running. We took a taxi to Macy's, and then walked up to Times Square, with a stop for some pizza for lunch along the way.

^^This lucky baby has been to NYC twice in her 10 months of life!^^

We stopped in Times Square for a little bit, and then headed over to Rockefeller Center. The night before we had purchased tickets for the Top of the Rock Observatory.

By the way all of the employees at the Top of the Rock were SUPER nice to us, with Reagan in her stroller. We got to skip a number of very long lines and go right to the front. It was wonderful!

We had clear air, and wonderful blue skies. What a view!

The whole time we were there we kept saying how it didn't really feel like we were there. I just kept thinking, "How did I get here?" It was so spontaneous.

After Top of the Rock, we went down to see the skating rink and through the NBC Store over to Magnolia Bakery where we were hoping to get some Banana Pudding, but sadly they were out, so we settled for a flour-less chocolate cake for Jordan and a blueberry crisp for me, both of which were very tasty! After Magnolia we got a taxi and headed back to the airport, to actually head home this time.

This trip was completely amazing! It was so nice to spend a week of uninterrupted time with that husband of mine, who I completely adore. It was great to spend so much time as a family, exploring new things together. And it was so great that Reagan slept so well in the hotels, and napped pretty good in her stroller. She's a great go-with-the-flow baby.


Washington, D.C. | Day 6

We weren't very meticulous with our schedule this trip. Everyday was a go-with-the-flow schedule. We'd usually think a little bit about what we wanted to do the night before, and then try to see if Reagan would let us. Wednesday night, we talked about how we just wanted to go on a picnic at the Tidal Basin the next day, so that next morning we went straight to the Tidal Basin.

We did notice that a lot of the trees were turning from the puffy white to a more pink blossom, this second day. Completely breathtaking.

We walked all the way around again and then got some lunch from the big food tent and ate it in the grass, while we let Reagan get totally filthy crawling and playing in the wet grass.

^^Successful family pictures are VERY hard these days. Here is one of our attempts. Also please note Reagan's fish face above.^^

I mentioned before that Reagan loved seeing all of the people, she was seriously putting on a show. EVERYONE who walked by would say something. We weren't sure, what she was doing that was making everyone smile and laugh, but then I walked in front of her for a few minutes, and here is what I found.

^^That is her other favorite face lately, scrunched nose. It kind of makes her look like a Bull Dog. Also her hat usually twists sideways when she leans back in her stroller because there is a big bow on the back. The sideways hat makes her look like a little rascal.^^

After the Tidal Basin, we walked over to the Old Post Office. We knew we wanted to check out the view from the top.

My lens couldn't fit through the wires, so it kind of looks like I took these pictures from some sort of prison, but I didn't. I love views from the top! After the Old Post Office, we went and did a little bit of souvenir shopping, and then we headed over to Chinatown, mostly to see the arch.

While in Chinatown we had dinner at Sweetgreens. Afterward, we hopped back on the Metro and headed back to the hotel.


Washington, D.C. | Day 5

We started the next day at Arlington National Cemetery. We took the Metro right to the Arlington Cemetery stop. It was quite a sight. The grave markers just go on and on forever. It was a great reminder of how many people sacrifice for our country. We liked looking at all of the different religious symbols on the tombstones, and kept trying to spot an LDS symbol (Angel Moroni), but we didn't find one.

We went and saw the graves of John F. Kennedy, and Jackie Kennedy. We also went to see the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, and they just so happened to be changing the guards while we were there so we got to see that ceremony too, which was pretty neat.

After Arlington we went and had lunch at Shake Shack, because we had ticket to go to Ford's Theater, after lunch, which is one street away. We actually went to the Peterson House first, which is where Lincoln died, and then we went to Ford's Theater.

We weren't sure if we wanted to go to the museum at Ford's Theater, but I'm really glad we did. We got to see the gun that actually killed Abraham Lincoln, as well as the suit he was wearing that night, and the door to his box at the Theater, one of the pillows he laid on after he was shot... It was well worth it!

We hadn't gone over to the Tidal Basin yet this trip because I wanted to try to see everything else we could before the trees were in peak bloom. I wanted to wait and make sure that we really got to see the blossoms. I had been tracking the blossoms online before we came out here, and knew that they needed a few more days. I was really nervous that they were going to bloom right after we left, but we totally lucked out and were there RIGHT at the start of peak bloom. It couldn't have been anymore perfect.

So after Ford's Theater and a quick stop to peak at the back of the White House (we only saw the front before) we were out of things to do and decided to head over to the Tidal Basin to check it out. My expectations were really low, because I didn't want to get completely let down if we did miss the blossoms this trip (even though, they were the main reason why we were coming), but let me tell you, they completely exceeded my expectations. It was so wonderful. I couldn't even believe that I was there, and the blossoms were in bloom, and the weather was great, and I was with my cute little family, and we were having a great trip. It was complete perfection.

We walked around the entire Tidal Basin, with lots of stops for pictures.

We stopped at the Jefferson Memorial for a peak inside. We also fed Reagan on the steps.

And then kept walking around the Tidal Basin.

It took us almost 3 hours to walk around the whole thing, with all of the stops we made. I was thoroughly enjoying myself. These blossoms were one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen.

Even Reagan liked the blossoms a little bit. She really liked all of the people, and all of the people liked her. Seriously, like every person would comment on her or say something to her.

We really liked the FDR Memorial, I accidentally didn't take any pictures of it but right around that Memorial were my favorite blossom trees, we ended up going back to that spot 3 days in a row.

Also right around that spot is the MLK Memorial, which was way cooler looking than I remember it looking in some of the pictures I had seen.

I really loved when the blossoms were growing straight out of the tree trunk. I thought it looked really cool. Here are two examples:

For dinner that night we decided to go back up to Capitol Hill and eat at Medium Rare. This place was great!  There is a prefixed menu, with only one meal: bread and butter, a salad, and steak with fries. Their house steak sauce was SO yummy. After we finished our first plate of steak and fries, they brought out MORE steak and fries. By the end of that second plate, I was so stuffed, but man was it good! We were so glad we splurged a little bit and decided to eat there.